Euronovis offers customer a full wet granulatlon service to respond to any production need thanks to the coupling of High Shear Mixer and Fluld Bed Dryer created and produced by Nicomac Europe.


Wet Granulation

A fundamental and extremely important process for several parties involved in the nutraceutic production chain: from the first preliminary feasibility study stages o creating industriai batches, every aspect of the process is controlled carefully, in order to guaran­tee the replicability of granules with certain par­ticle size, moisture content, flowability and bulk density. The products obtained can be destined for dlirect use or subsequent processing to pre­pare other pharmaceutical forms.

The Technology

Euronovis makes all its experience available for customer companies needing it by teaming up with their R&Ds in the formulative development and we do everything we can to offer the best solutions for all productive and marketing needs. The service is performed using certified quality Nicomac Europe systems. In particular, the High Shear Mixer HSM Nicomix 75-200 (productive capacity from 50 to 100 kg), FBD Nicobed 8 (productive capacity from 1 to 5 kg per R&D) and FBD Nicobed 120 (productive capacity from 50 to 100 kg).

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