Euronovis offers to its client a complete granulation service, from the preliminard study phase to the making of granules with determined specifications of granulometry and humidity content.



It is a technological process which allows to transform a powder (or a mix of powders) in a granule after a particles agglomeration due to the formation of more or less weak bonds. 

From 2023 Euronovis will integrate in its contract manufacturing offer the granulation service, which will not be limited to the only R&D phase but will also aid the clients on an industrial production level with specific granulometry and humidity content control of the end product, based on clients requests.

The Technology

Euronovis’ contract manufacturing granulation service is performed using certified quality Nicomac Europe systems. In particular, in the productive site, are operating the High Shear Mixer HSM Nicomix 75-200 (productive capacity from 50 to 100 kg), FBD Nicobed 8 (productive capacity from 1 to 5 kg per R&D) and FBD Nicobed 120 (productive capacity from 50 to 100 kg) fluid bed dryers, in order to support the client in all the development phases up until the final scale-up.

We partner with our client’s R&Ds in the formulative development and we do everything we can to offer the best solutions for all productive and marketing needsi.

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