About 1500 sqm of productive site certified GMP for the nutraceutical sector and ISO 22000. Fully made with Nicomac Europe’s technologies, solutions and consulting.

Our Cleanroom

All the processes that characterize the productive chain are performed inside our over 1000 sqm site, GMP certified for the nutraceutical sector and made in compliance with the highest qualitative standards.

Walls, ceilings, connections, floors and finishings are the same type used in the Pharmaceutical sector (cleanroom); exclusive design and supply of certified Nicomac Europe quality.

Air filtration and conditioning systems ensure enviromental overpressure (ISO 8 class) and control of internal thermohygrometric conditions.

The technical room dedicated to dust removers, air conditioners, refrigeration unit and electrical panels was obtained with a special metallic loft above the same lab area, while outside the site are installed three boilers 200.000 Kcal/each and threee 22 Kw/each compressors.



Inside the lab is:

Locker room


Quality control room

Coating boxes

Granulation area

Solution preparation room

Washing room



The cleanroom is also equipped with:

air treatment unit

pressure monitoring

temperature monitoring

hunmidity monitoring

solvent presence monitoring

ventilation hood

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