Thanks to the synergy with Nicomac Europe, Euronovis is the only reality in the sector that boasts a complete knowledge of cleanrooms, oral solid forms systems, productive processes and raw materials used for the coating process.



Euronovis can coat any type of oral solid form for the nutraceutical sector – tablets, hard capsules, soft gel, pellets, etc. – with polymer or sugar suspensions films with aesthetic, protective, customized, gastro-resistant purpose. In support, a Color Matching service capable of better answering client’s marketing and productive needs according to the type of product or market of reference.

We also support our clients in the switch from formulation containing titnaium dioxyde to new TiO2 free formulations.

Productive excellence

Choosing the correct coating to apply to an oral solid could seem to be a simple operation for a non-ex­pert. But it is the result of a multi-discipline study involving multiple dynamics, especially related to choosing the right coating agents and their compatibility with the substrate being coated, with the thera­peutic target lnvolved and legislation with the regula­tory limits in force in the Countries where the product will be marketed. Customers turning to Euronovis have access to a team of experts supporting the companies for all productlon development aspects, to follow creation of the most suitable formulas based on single needs step by step.  

Nothing left to chance

Thanks to the CFR21 Part 11 software, linked to the alarm systems, Euronovis can ensure process repeatability, keep under control all the critical working parameters and memorize recipes. Each system is equipped with an air treatment and dust reduction unity, extraction fan, automatic product unloading system.

Euronovis also offers to its clients a complete granulation service, starting from the initial study phase to the realization of granulates with certain granulometry and humidity content specifications.



Small, solid, free flowing, spheric or pseudo-spheric units with sizes that are generally between 500 and 1500 µm. These are technically called “multiple-unit dosage forms” and can be divided into sachets, hard capsules or tablets. Compared to the other solid dosage forms, they previde a benefit in safety and effectiveness terms and, above all, determine an absorption proflle characterised by better replicability as they are not influenced by the transit time along the digestive tract and by the digestive stage.


Casing made with gelatine or other materials, filled volumetrically with active principles and otner ingredients. Compared to the “common” powder fllling operations, in Euronovis we offer the possibility to create customized products that bring together several solid, liquid or mixed formulas, in order to have different active principle release profiles in the same dosage form. New, innovative products can be designed and creat· ed with the support of our experts. 

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