From small laboratory to leading company in Italy and Europea: discover how a “simple experiment” transformed into a successful and solid reality.


The Group’s Origins

In order to talk about Euronovis’ history, we must first talk about the group which is part of: Nicomac. Founded by Franco nigris in 1977, this important business reality from Milan comprises Nicomac Europe  – which from over 45 years designs and makes modular cleanrooms and high quality oral solid forms and granulation system – Nicos Group – since 1985 distribution company for the american market – and Euronovis, since 2015 specialized in the contract manufacturing coating for the nutraceutical sector.

The Birth

What initially was just a showroom for Nicomac Europe coating systems and cleanrooms, in 2010, thanks to Tomaso Nigris and eng. Pietro Zanchi’s intuition, became first the company’s R&D lab and then the place to offer an actual contract manufacturing service for Nicomac Europe’s clients. Euronovis Srl, in 2015, is therefore officialy born.

Professionality, great experfience in the coating processes and the following quality of the service brought a continuous increment in clients requests and, from there, to the creation of an independent, efficient and modern laboratory, equipped with state of the art technologies , capable of meeting all cleints’ needs.

The Success

Euronovis has been protagonist of an extraordinary story of growth; especially in the last 4 years we saw an important increase in production and revenues. today is, in terms of volumes and number of products processed, the first italian company specialized exclusively in oral solid forms coating for the nutraceutical sector and one of the most important in Europe. From 2023 and beyond, even the granulation system (until now done just for R&D tests) will officially be integrated in the actual coating business.


Thanks to Nicomac Europe’s synergy and constant support, we are the only reality in the sector that can claim to have a complete knowledge of cleanrooms, oral solid forms coating and granulation systems, productive processes and prime matters. For those reasons, those who choose Euronovis will always have the warranty of a high quality, quick and safe servic; paired with an important technological know-how.