We partner with our clients’ R&D in order to offer the best solutions for the chemical-physical properties and commercial and productive needs.


An expert team at your service

Behind Euronovis’ success are professionals of proven experience leading a young, dynamic and constantly formed team, ready to meet any request of the client and support them in the choice of the optimal solution.

Protection and masking

Protective coatings against moisture, O₂ and UV rays are applied te preserve the easily degradable active principles and therefore improve the stability of solid forms; masking unpleasant smells or tastes can favour patient compliance and make it easier for prod­ucts te be taken. For that reason, Euronovis has developed ad hoc formulas to handle that need.


Excellence and innovation

Prime matters used by Euronovis come from qualified suppliers and are controlled, sampled and labelled to ensure the client quality, safety and trasceability. They also are periodically analyzed by authorized laboratories for the verification of the conformity of the parameters shown on CoA.

To answer the recent european norms for the food and nutraceutical sector, Euronovis supports its clients in the switch from formulations containing titanium dioxyde to new TiO2 free formulations.


Synergy and collaboration with Universities

Euronovis collaborates actively with univer­sities and other laboratories to develop high added value products. We also welcome students and interns te prepare external theses on subjects of interest and relevance for the academlc world, in synergy with our technologies and know-how.

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