Euronovis, a leading contract manufacturing company for coating and granulation in the nutraceutical sector, is officially part of the Wellma group, European leader in the development and production of food supplements and niche pharmaceuticals.

October 2023

Euronovis and Wellma Group are proud to announce the recent acquisition which led the young company from Liscate, just outside Milan, to join the family of the prestigious group based in Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks to Wellma, a new international perspective opens up for the Euronovis team: in just 8 years the company has been able to reach the leadership in the Italian nutraceutical market – proposing itself as an exceptional partner for coating, granulation and recently also pelletizing services – now is ready to gain a leading role in the international market too.

About Wellma Group

Wellma is a European group of companies specializing in the development and production of food supplements and niche pharmaceuticals. With a focus on quality, flexibility and digitalization, Wellma offers development and manufacturing services to leading brand owners in the food supplement and pharmaceutical industries.

Christian Merup, CEO Wellma Group

We are excited to welcome Euronovis to the Wellma family. Euronovis is a global leader in its niche, and an excellent addition to Wellma adding both new innovation and production capabilities, while we also enter one of the largest markets in Europe.. At the same time, we see great opportunities to help Euronovis on its continuous growth journey across Europe. Euronovis is also committed to high quality production and focus on sustainability, which is core to what we at Wellma believe in. We are proud to welcome Tomaso Nigris, Mattia Spoldi, Francesco Sicuro and the whole Euronovis team to Wellma.”

Euronovis & Wellma Group. A new European perspective

Euronovis offers services for coating, granulation, pellet production, consultation, and formulation within the nutraceutical and food supplement market, driven by the vision of founder Tomaso Nigris. Established officially in 2015, Euronovis quickly positioned itself as a dynamic company in the industry, offering an efficient and modern technical center. Today Euronovis has the capacity of coating over 800 million tablets per year, serving 40+ customers from their state-of-the-art 1,500 sqm cleanroom facility recently renovated and expanded.

Tomaso Nigris, Founder Euronovis

“Joining Wellma Group is an important milestone for Euronovis. We believe this will help us on our continuous growth journey and to expand across Europe, while we see a great cultural fit with the Wellma team. Wellma’s entrepreneurial model of letting us keep our autonomy, while receiving benefits from being part of Wellma, is very attractive and we are excited about our continuous journey together.”

Since inception, Euronovis showed its ambition to reach a leading role in the emerging nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. Over the last years the company has had an impressive growth.

Mattia Spoldi, CEO Euronovis

“For us at Euronovis, being now part of the Wellma family represents a fantastic opportunity to give further impetus to our entrepreneurial projects. As the name suggests, our vision has always been international: in these first 8 years, we focused mainly on the Italian market and succeeded in gaining leadership in the nutraceutical sector; now we will now turn decisively to the European market, strengthened by our technical know-how, our vocation for innovation and the opportunities that will derive from belonging to the Wellma group.”

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